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Human Face of Man Who Built the Web

The self-effacing man who created the World Wide Web does not fancy staring at a computer screen if he can help it hence when the National Portrait Gallery commissioned a portrait of Sir Tim Berners-Lee – the inventor of what has now become the internet –  he opted to pose with his trusted rucksack without any gizmo in sight. The painted bronze sculpture, by artist Sean Henry, shows Berners-Lee standing at two-thirds life-size on a tall plinth, carrying the leather rucksack in which he keeps his laptop. Apart from photographs, it is the computer scientist’s first commissioned portrait. Henry spent two days with Berners-Lee in Boston, observing and photographing him at work and visiting him at home, before inviting him to two further sittings at his studio in Britain. Commissioned by the NPG to celebrate Sir Tim’s 60th birthday, the choice of Henry to make a painted sculpture came out of discussions with the sitter and his wife, and the wish to move away from the usual photographic depiction of Berners-Lee seated in front of a computer. …

We are back … welcome to our *beta website

  We are back on the world wide web. Welcome to the new WESTLONDOTODAY.CO.UK website still in *beta version, we hope you like it. We are currently uploading new content to the site, migrating our archives and other digital files across from our old site whilst we also continue to test the robustness of the site’s infrastructure. Why not send us your thoughts about the new site in the comments section  and other features you might want to see. We look forward to your feedback.