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Sad Chapter as Book & Kitchen Closes in Notting Hill

Muna Khogali’s Book and Kitchen finally closed its doors in Notting Hill’s All Saints Road on 7 October after over four years of trading. Yet another demise of a well-conceived independent bookshop, cafe and events space. Bibliophiles across west London had rejoiced at its inception. Finally, a place where you could browse through your favourite tomes and indulge in a cake or two. The concept had been the fruition of a life-long dream for Khogali, who had longed for a place that looked less of a bookshop but more of a wander into your study within the close proximity of a nibble or two. Almost an anti-bookshop where books were showcased in an informal setting alongside the motto “combining the literary with culinary”. It opened to rave reviews and it was easy to see why. A well-curated booklist covering the arts, design, fashion, fiction and non-fiction housed in a airy and immaculate building. It also hosted literary evenings, supper clubs, music nights and book signings. Khogali signed off in an email to customers: “Book and …

David Graeber: UK in a Globalised World

The man who coined the rallying cry for the Occupy Wall Street movement, “We are the 99%”, David Graeber, American anthropologist, activist, author and teacher at the London School of Economics, leads the discussion on how a globalised world affects UK democracy from Notting Hill’s Book and Kitchen as part of our General Elections coverage. *Please post your comments below the live commentary in the comments section below.