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Becks Appeal: Goldenballs at 40

David Beckham has indeed settled effortlessly into life in west London as the instagram post below shows on a recent visit to his local cafe in Kensington. The man who gave us the sarong and blonde cornrows has a lot to celebrate as he hits his 40-year milestone. Friend and sportswriter Matthew Syed paid a glowing tribute to one of Britain’s sporting and cultural icons in The Times. In fact he can count him as a friend, having penned his biography. He paints an endearing picture of a likeable personality and caring father. His red line?  Not even a commercial opportunity will stand between brand Beckham and the school run.

“I can’t complain because there are so many aspects of being famous that are a privilege.”

Local delicacy: David Beckham blends in at the Montparnasse cafe in Kensington

He regards the constant adulation as a small price to pay for his celebrity. Out for lunch with his mum at Pizza Hut, 200 fans were waiting outside after just 10 minutes. He says: “I can’t complain because there are so many aspects of being famous that are a privilege.” And his work ethic makes him stand out, his former Manchester United teammate Gary Neville calls him a ‘machine’. Qualities he believes were instilled in him by his parents. The Beckhams are also proving to be desirable neighbours at their new Holland Park mansion where they recently got the green light to install an air-conditioning system with very little fuss from residents. Posh and Becks have also proved their credentials as charitable donors giving Chelsea’s Red Cross many of their expensive designer cast-offs.

(Clockwise) Posh husband, Ambassador, MBE, Charitable, Dotting dad and England captain

The Agreement


Writer’s block: Author blues

Notting Hill author of the bestselling Hunting Unicorns Bella Pollen says writing can be an arduous exercise, she confesses in her personal blog: “Whatever book I’m writing one of two things happens: I flick through the last one and think. ‘Jesus, who wrote this bullshit, I pray it wasn’t me.’ Or in my more confident moments I think: I wrote this? All those pages? But there are so many of them! Either way, I start weeping uncontrollably.” But she shouldn’t have any problems with the word-count and weaving this next scene into a plot of one of her next fictional commission.

Writer gets her big break commissioned to write a 4,500-word piece for an international literary magazine called Granta with sumptuous offices in west London and a billionairess publisher at the helm. They agree payment terms, sign the contract and go their separate ways. Many moons later walking her cantankerous dog, Leonard, the fox terrier lingers over a discoloured white paper on the pavement near her home, she is forced to investigate and what a coincidence, it is indeed the contract from the magazine, a little bit frayed at the edges but nonetheless a copy in the post. Another failed delivery by those ‘Whistful’ guys?

Saatchi Gallery at 30

Charles Saatchi’s penchant for YBAs (Young British Artists) sharks in formaldyhyde and unmade beds has finally paid off as the gallery he founded celebrates its 30th year with a long list of achievements;  Rated one of world’s top-five museums, staged 15 of the 20 most visited exhibitions in the last five years and discovered many of UK’s emerging talents. What could the future hold? You won’t want to hazard a guess.

Arab Racers v. Knightsbridge Haters

Supercars in London

Supercar: A McLaren turbo-charged and ready to roar in Knightsbridge as Gulf new money arrives

A group of resident associations in Knightsbridge have had enough of boy racers from Gulf countries who have turned their streets into racing circuits. The menace do not end in summer dubbed The Season, as the winter months have been filled with the roar of engines. At a recent meeting at the Oratory, concerned residents including Max Mosley, who knows a thing or two about high performance cars as former Formula One boss, have vowed to apply the brakes. But it won’t be easy with the influx of Arab money into the exclusive neighbourhood.
The Qataris own Harrods and One Hyde Park, just two of their investments and part of a growing property portfolio in the area. Some complained about other anti-social ills on the heels of latest arrivals like professional beggars, shisha pipe establishments, just some of the changes fuelling ghettoisation fears. Not forgetting that an Englishman’s home is his castle. Watch this space for the battle to clean up Knightsbridge.

Sloane Ranger Eddie

Eddie Redmayne

Ready, steady, Eddie: Redmayne is said to be looking for a new family home in Chelsea

Hollywood heartthrob and Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne just wants to settle down to married life with his new wife, Hannah Bagshawe. The word from the grapevine is that the Theory of Everything star wants to move into a new home in Chelsea after stints at his parents’ home in the area. Locals have already pinched themselves after setting eyes on the couple on the Kings Road.

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