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Laughing and Crying about Dementia

Emotional: Dementia gets the comedy treatment, but its complexities are laid bare | TABARD THEATRE

Firstly, as I sat in the audience I suddenly realised I was supposed to be participating in entertainment at a care home.  Then it became clear that the production was highlighting the effects of dementia in a light-hearted way.  (Alzheimer’s Society information was available at the end of the performance.)

Steve Cooper, who wrote Paradise Lodge, was excellent in portraying an entertainer at a care home and its residents.  Sophie Osborne gave a competent performance in her various roles but the squeaky voice grated at times.  Memorable songs from World War II era helped to uplift the play. Cooper was able to convey, from his own personal experience, the frustrations of caring for someone (his mother) with dementia.

A timely performance lest we forget the ticking time bomb awaiting an ageing population and generations yet unborn. 

Paradise Lodge at Tabard Theatre ( until 24 October

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