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Zlat’s Your Lot! Becks & Ibrahimovic Bet Over England Versus Sweden

Exit: Who will be booking a flight out of Russia after England plays Sweden in the quarter-finals of the Fifa World Cup?

David Beckham, England’s former captain has agreed to buy ex-Swedish ace Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ikea furniture for his new LA mansion if Sweden triumphs over England in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Samara Russia. But should Sweden lose the tie, Ibrahimovic will have to suffer the ignominy of eating fish and chips almost certainly served in newspapers celebrating his country’s loss.

The two famous footballers who once played together at Paris Saint Germain in Paris towards the end of their careers have both taken to social media rooting for their national teams. Ibrahimovic has been a prominent feature at Russia 2018 as the face of Visa, the credit card giants while Beckham has swapped his Holland Park home to follow England’s progress.

Zlatan is renowned for his outlandish comments and oversize ego once declaring in 2013 after Sweden were beaten by Portugal in the play-offs for the 2014 finals in Brazil: “The World Cup without me is not worth watching.” The former Sweden striker also repeated the boast ahead of the tournament’s opening ceremonies in Moscow.

Although Sweden did manage to qualify this time, the 36-year-old, who scored 62 goals in 116 games for Sweden, was not included in the squad, but rather working on a different pitch – promoting Visa cardless payment systems.

At a media event in the Russian capital, Ibrahimovic bristled at questions regarding whether Sweden was better off without him on the world stage.

“I think Sweden, they have less pressure when I’m not there, because when I’m there we’re supposed to win everything,” he said.

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