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Serpentine Pavilion 2015 is Plastic Fantastic

The Serpentine Gallery has exploded in a rainbow of colours for the 15th anniversary of its popular Pavilion commission. This year’s ‘starchitects’, Spanish duo  Jose Selgas and Lucia  Cano, partners in Selgascano have chosen light, colour and playfulness to mark the milestone. Selgascano’s design is an amorphous, double-skinned, polygonal structure made up of translucent panels, multi-coloured fluorine-based polymer (ETFE) woven and wrapped like webbing. The gallery might need to keep an eye on its inquisitive younger visitors who will no doubt be tempted to pull or tug at the array of colourful tapes that swaddles the structure. Secret Corridor Discover the ‘secret corridor’ between the outer and inner layer of the structure into the Pavilion’s colourful interior. You might sense the similarity between meandering through London’s underground system with its many layered, chaotic but structured flow. You are immediately enveloped by a sense of fun, a kaleidoscope of shimmering colours even on a dank London day. “We are also very much aware of the Pavilion’s anniversary in our design for the 15th annual commission. The …