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Sad Chapter as Book & Kitchen Closes in Notting Hill

Muna Khogali’s Book and Kitchen finally closed its doors in Notting Hill’s All Saints Road on 7 October after over four years of trading. Yet another demise of a well-conceived independent bookshop, cafe and events space. Bibliophiles across west London had rejoiced at its inception. Finally, a place where you could browse through your favourite tomes and indulge in a cake or two. The concept had been the fruition of a life-long dream for Khogali, who had longed for a place that looked less of a bookshop but more of a wander into your study within the close proximity of a nibble or two. Almost an anti-bookshop where books were showcased in an informal setting alongside the motto “combining the literary with culinary”. It opened to rave reviews and it was easy to see why. A well-curated booklist covering the arts, design, fashion, fiction and non-fiction housed in a airy and immaculate building. It also hosted literary evenings, supper clubs, music nights and book signings. Khogali signed off in an email to customers: “Book and …

General Elections 2015: Spitting Image to the Rescue

Just when you thought the general election campaign needed a spark, an unseen hand to shake the main players out of their lethargy, up comes some very entertaining ghosts from the past. Those latex puppets that got 15m viewers glued to the television sets in the 80s and 90s are back again for a cameo role in a lacklustre election campaign devoid of characters, candour and colour.