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Sir Winston Churchill speaking at Blythe Road, Hammersmith, London, when he made an eve of poll tour to address the crowds on behalf of the Conservatives. Seated in the car is the Conservative candidate Mr A. Fell. Mr Churchill addressed four meetings

#GE2015: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail

Would the soaring rhetoric of a Winston Churchill have been suited to the political campaign slugfest of the 21st century? For them, no battle-buses, digital and social media gurus or American campaign strategists. Just a trusted open-top wagon with all the passion and oratorical skills they could muster. Fast-forward to 2015 and the UK general elections is shaping up to be the most-covered elections in modern times, thanks to a plethora of media platforms, social media, streaming apps and do-it-yourself broadcasting tools. But perhaps devoid of the human affection and interaction with which a Churchill would have been more familiar. Apart from the traditional voter, modern-day politicians also have to appeal to the millennials who inhabit a digital world exclusively. In the mix are also an array of hyperlocal news sites and irreverent forums where locals vent their spleen. Politicians indeed have their work cut out as they try to spread their message and canvass for votes. And yes, there is no hiding place from the media glare and public scrutiny. Photo opportunities that go awry …

Cardboard cut-out figures of Ed Miliband and David Cameron

Hell Yeah, Paxo Meets his Macho Man

The first salvo in the race for Downing Street has been fired. At Sky’s shiny HQ in the west London suburb of Osterley. The opening sequence featured some light callisthenics displaying the colours of the two main political parties, a copter camera whirred above, the spin room was packed to the rafters with political heavyweights spinning for their candidates. In the blue corner was incumbent PM David Cameron and his nemesis Labour’s Ed Miliband, and the big dragon they had to slay across the very, very large coffee table, Jeremy Paxman who has left the careers of many politicos in tatters. So you must forgive Ed for opting to take this bitter pill later and preferring to meet the audience first. Meanwhile Cameron decided to rush in and was felled by staccato Paxo upper cuts, “How many food banks do we have?” Can you live on a zero-hours contract?” Cameron’s mouthguard seemed to have been knocked out of place as he spluttered, “No, I can’t live on a zero-hours contract.” Ah, shuffles forward Ed Miliband …