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Geraldine Winner’s ‘Goodbyes’ in Knightsbridge Robbery Ordeal

Michael Winner and his girlfriend Geraldine
Michael and Geraldine Winner

Late Michael and Geraldine Winner

LATE film director Michael Winner’s widow, Geraldine Winner has recounted how she said her ‘goodbyes’ during a 2-hour robbery ordeal at her £4m Knightsbridge flat on Saturday 10 October 2015.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed the break-in and said there had been no arrests, adding: “Police were called to a flat in SW7 at about 2am on Saturday, October 10, to reports of an aggravated burglary at the property.”

Mrs Winner, 77, is believed to have inherited around £20m after her husband died in 2013, downsizing from their palatial Holland Park home to the flat near the Household of Cavalry Barracks. The neighbourhood would normally be regarded as one of London’s safest, but Mrs Winner believes she was targeted by a sole female assailant.

“I am supposed to be in the safest place in London. I cannot believe this has happened. The woman told me she was going to knife me, to kill me, in my head I was saying my goodbyes I thought I was going to die.

I will knife you, I will kill you. I thought I was going to die I started saying my goodbyes. I was terrified.Geraldine Winner

“The woman came in through my back door as I was putting my rubbish out. I tried to fight her off which I now realise was not a good idea.

“I grabbed her hair and realised she was wearing a wig which came off in my hand.

I then grabbed my kettle and hit her but she overpowered me and hit me back with it.

“There was blood everywhere. I was on the floor and she put her foot on my back. She ordered me to tell her where the jewellery and money was she said: “I will knife you, I will kill you. I thought I was going to die I started saying my goodbyes. I was terrified.

“She put a blindfold on me and tied me up with plastic wire. She kept on shouting at me and demanding to know where my money was,” she told London’s Evening Standard. An engagement ring, several cherished photographs including one on her wedding day and £500 cash was stolen in the raid.

“I have a whole wall with pictures of Michael with famous people and she took loads of them the sentimental value is immense. My engagement ring was also taken its heartbreaking. My jewellery was not valuable I am not a jewellery person but Michael gave me those and that’s why it’s so upsetting,” she added.

She described her assailant as having an Eastern European accent.

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