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Chelsea's soccer manager Jose Mourinho, wife Matilde Faria and daughter Matilde  arrive for the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London

Mourinho’s Got 99 Problems

It seems the tyres are finally coming off a well-oiled Chelsea team. Even with a new tyre sponsor. And so early in the Premier League season, the champions are already eight points behind leaders Manchester City and find themselves in 13th position with their worst start to the season in the Roman [Abramovich] era. But give him credit, Mourinho has finally stepped up to take the blame as he suffered only his second home defeat against Crystal Palace in 100 games as Blues’ boss.

texts are forever

The Long Goodbye: Living with the Departed in a Digital Age

Carnival will always be tinged with some sadness and introspection. Bank Holiday Monday 2014 was the day Diva passed away. Not that I have to wait that long to remember. Her thoughts, urgent pleas, pains, complaints, thank-yous, jokes, now follow me everywhere, the omnipotent presence at every turn. The texts are just a click away in the memory of my phone. Facebook now memorialises deceased users’ accounts if they get a valid request from loved ones. Our digital footprints now have the same status as our physical estate. How do you learn to live with the surreal fragments from the life of a departed friend? I met Diva Stravinskaite at artists’ studios in the summer of 2006 after I was allocated a space in west London. She had this uncompromising look which was further exaggerated by her imposing physique. She was the caretaker and was always busy fixing things around the building. She loved gardening and rescued many plants – two outlived her, the Cactus in the restroom and the long green bladed plant in the …

Fans of the royal family hold a rosette saying "it's a girl" outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's hospital in London

Royal Baby: Will it be Alice, Diana or Elizabeth?

As we await the Royal news amidst speculation and with heightened anticipation – will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have another Boy George or is a new little Princess on the cards? The worldwide interest surrounding the latest Royal birth is staggering, played out in the open outside Paddington’s St Mary’s Hospital as international media, royalty fans, the public, retailers and manufacturers converge and await the birth. I bet the political parties will be delighted at this Royal distraction in the run-up to the general elections as media frenzy will be at an all-time high, if her Royal Highness’ due date extends beyond May 7th! Naming Ritual So with the new Royal due anytime, there’s been huge speculation about what name will reign. All bets are on and top of the scores for our new Princess is ‘Alice’ meaning ‘noble’ which features on both sides of Kate and William’s family trees. I think the Royal couple will choose a traditional name to complement George. Read more: Royal Baby live coverage from Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital …