Why Mellow Parsons Green was a Bomb Plot too Far

Parsons Green? When news filtered in of an ‘incident’ at a west London train station, you had to do a double take to be sure it was actually the same idyllic neighbourhood with the ample green park families seem to luxuriate in every time harried neighbouring Fulhamites rushed past . The hustle and bustle from the butt-end of the King’s Road is drowned out by the civilised mellow pace of life in this genteel part of town. Well, it turned out to be southwest London, although it really was just a quirk of geography due to its close proximity to its west London neighbours Fulham and Chelsea. TO BE CONTINUED…  


They are a motley gathering made up of normal folk, compulsive obsessives, publicity seekers, conspiracy theorists, even an octogenarian code-breaker from WW2 and the odd nutter, all united in a common purpose. To keep the memory of late Diana, Princess of Wales alive. They see themselves as the self-appointed custodians of her legacy. Fighting for her rights, correcting every percieved slight, rewriting every bit of misinformation. But even the staunchest in this group of Diana loyalists admit this can’t go on forever. On another anniversary of her tragic death in a Paris underpass, the number of bouquet, posters, mementoes, dolls, candles, press cuttings and cards have dwindled. Even though KP’s iconic gilded gates, has once more been transformed into a giant pinboard, festooned with all shades of opinion and invectives, there is less room to tack such items to since the facade was scaled back and redesigned in a recent refurbishment. There is now less photo opportunities for agitators and tourists. RELATED STORY: Dine with Diana T he band of loyal fans who make the annual …

Polly Toynbee Debates Inequality

Guardian columnist and social commentator Polly Toynbee together with David Walker have examined policies of the coalition government and led writers, polemicists and west London residents to debate the scourge of inequality under the Tory-led coalition in a session titled: How the Tories took Britain to the Brink. Follow our live coverage from Notting Hill’s Book and Kitchen and contribute your comments, arguments and observations to the discourse. What are the effects of an unequal society? Post your comments on our live blog (below) from 18:30hrs on Wednesday 15 April 2015. [*Below is unedited live commentary from the event. Comments can still be posted at the end]

McQueen: Savage Beauty at V&A

Alexander McQueen is proving to be a big beast at V&A’s blockbuster exhibition, Savage Beauty. The posthumous celebration of the ingenuity of the late British designer has not only exceeded expectations, it is on its way to rivalling the spectacle at the original show of the same title held at America’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMa) which became one of the 10 most visited exhibitions at the museum in 2011.

FAQs: UK General Elections 2015

The United Kingdom general elections will be held on Thursday 7 May 2015 from 07:00hrs to 22:00hrs BST. Below is a background guide to the prime ministerial contenders, main political parties, and general electoral procedures. End of Fixed-Term Parliament and Short Campaign Begins Parliament was dissolved on 31 March thus marking the end of the coalition government and parliamentarians who ran the country from 2010 to 2015. It also marked the official beginning of  the short campaign to canvass for votes. Read more: #GE2015: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail #GE2015: How to Survive the Elections UK Parliament The United Kingdom parliament also known as Westminster has 650 seats up for grabs and all the major parties pour huge resources into electioneering campaigns to secure victory. The party or coalition of parties that wins 326 seats in a first-past-the-post system is called to form the government by her Majesty the Queen. To be declared a member of parliament, a candidate simply has to win more votes than an opponent, not a majority of the …